Our story

The Big Band Krak was created in 1998 in Wieliczka on the initiative of the trumpeter Władysław Chorobik.

The basic part of the band's repertoire are the standards of big band jazz from the 30s and 40s, enriched by the wide range of classic artists and composers of recent decades. Over the years, the band has cooperated with TVP, TVN, TVP3 Krakow and Radio Krakow. Currently, BBK operates under the direction of one of its original co-creators - Stanisław Olko. The band played many times in Krakow, organizing its own concerts in Kijów.Centrum, Teatr Bagatela, Teatr Ludowy and Bunkier Sztuki, in Zakopianka Café, Dworek Białoprądnicki, Piwnica Pod Baranami - on the occasion of its 45th anniversary (with Jacek Wójcicki and Grzegorz Turnau), as part of the Cracovia Marathon of Robert Korzeniowski, and several times in Radio Krakow (during "Summer Music Mornings" cycle) and Studio S-5. BBK recorded material containing jazz standards released on the LP called "Stardust." Many years of stage experience allows us to meet the most sophisticated expectations of our customers. In addition to jazz standards, we’d like to offer you a wide range of additional entertainment, such as performances of professional dancers and actors of Krakow scenes and illusionists. We also prepare repertoires for individual orders.


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